Why Small Batch Cards?

Making cards and paper art are my passions and sharing that passion with the ones I love brings great joy to my life. Think about the excitement and love you feel when someone sends you or hands you a special envelope. Now imagine opening that envelope and finding a handcrafted, small batch card inside. The love and gratitude I receive when I gift a handcrafted card to friends and family is always a special moment and I want to share those moments and memories with others. Therefore, I created Small Batch Cards.

Small Batch Cards is a company devoted to creating handcrafted cards that will be released in small batches to ensure customers get a special gift each time they purchase a card to share with those they love. The batch number, print number, artists signature, as well as the month and date of creation will appear on every card. This provides customers and card receivers with the knowledge of their unique card’s origin, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

This blog is dedicated to sharing each “small batch” experience.  Join me as I document my successes and my failures on this artful journey that hopefully results in an uncommon outcome for each card that is made. Each month, I hope to share a new batch of cards for your (and my) enjoyment that will eventually be sold for purchasers to share with their loved ones.

Here are a few of my newest creations! My spouse’s family absolutely LOVES the fall. Each year, I make a special batch of cards for them and send them out at the beginning of the season.


Your ideas for cards are welcome and greatly appreciated. What holiday have you always wished there was a card to celebrate?

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