Batch No. 1

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida  

Creation Date – October 2016

Artist – Johanna Lawson

TechniqueMonoprinting with Acrylic Paint on Magazine

img_2020As promised, here is the first batch of cards! This beautiful batch of cards (25 cards to be exact) was created with acrylic paints on magazine pages using the monoprinting technique. Here is a short breakdown of the process.

First, I set up all the tools and materials needed for monoprinting.   For this batch, I decided to use blue, green, yellow, gold, and copper paints. Apparently, I was inspired by the fall colors beginning to develop outside. I also used the same stencils throughout to form a cohesive batch. All the magazine pages were black and white as well.


Gelli plate – check!

Brayer – Check!

Paint – Check!

Stencils – Check!

Magazine paper – Check!




Then, the fun began! I spread paint on the plate, printed an initial background on the magazine paper. I spread more paint, strategically placed a stencil (or two!) and printed on the magazine paper again. Repeating until I felt I created something inspiring!


Here is a slideshow of the monoprints created for Batch No. 1:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I finished monoprinting, I started to design the card. The monoprint pages were cut down to 4 inch x 4 inch squares.  After trial and error, I decided to go with a simple black mat on white card stock. This allowed for the monoprints to really standout and shine.

These cards, as well as the other batches created over the next 8 months by small • batch • cards.

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