Batch No. 9

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida  

Creation Date – December 2017

Artist – Johanna Lawson

Technique – embossed watercolor (bursts)

Very exciting news on the blog today! small • batch • cards has its own booth at the Avondale Artwalk on Thursday, December 14th from 5-9pm. This is the first time my cards and (mono)prints will be sold to the masses! (If you can’t tell, I am PUMPED UP!) I know this will be the first of many.

Over the past few weeks, I have been designing and creating in the “workshop” to get all the holiday goodies ready for market. The first batch I created uses embossed stamping to resist the watercolor burst paints. The finished product is very whimsical and (I think) has quite a bit of holiday cheer.

When I think about the holidays, I am filled with all the excitement that comes with giving my loved ones the perfect gift. I take time. I think. I try to find the one gift that is going to bring joy to all the people I hold most dear. That is exactly what I tried to do when I created this batch. I took time to consider who would buy these cards and tags. I thought about the materials and tools that would create what I envisioned. I tried to find the stamps that would best convey the holiday spirit.

From the cards, I moved on to holiday tags. Don’t these presents look beautiful? What could be better than a special gift, wrapped simply using a one-of-a-kind tag, with your name on it? Even more, a handcrafted, unique card just for you? Now, that sounds like an extraordinary holiday gift.

Find this batch and all my cards at the Avondale Artwalk on Thursday, December 14th from 5-9pm. I hope to see you there!


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