batch no. 22

produced in jacksonville, florida

creation date  july 2018

artist  johanna lawson

technique  watercolor + ink


you, me, and the sea…

[inspired by my daughter’s first trips to the ocean this summer]

growing up and living near the water my whole life, i tend to take ocean’s beauty and wonder for granted. but seeing this old landscape through the new perspective of my child was exciting. so, at the end of summer, with the new school year beginning, i dream of beach days…

the water’s ebb and flow

tiny footprints in the sand

a hand reaching out, begging me to take her in again.



for this batch, i wanted an “under the water” feel, so i started with my ken oliver’s watercolor burst powders. i used metallic jade, cornflower, and turquoise to capture the blue-green of the water here in jacksonville. to start, sprinkle a little bit of the turquoise powder in the corner of a 4 x 4 square (of course, any size/shape will do) of watercolor paper. then tap a little cornflower on the edges of the same corner.

using your spritzer, spray directly into the turquoise powder at an angle away from the center and towards the cornflower. spray only a few more times to spread the paint/powder, but do not go overboard (five to six sprays should work). if you spray too much, you will lose the desired “splatter” effect on the edges.

now to add the sparkle! add two to three drops of metallic jade to the area with the most concentrated powder (almost looks black). add more water (if needed) using a paint brush dipped in water. tilt the paper left to right, forward and backward, until the metallic paint has spread the desired amount. dab excess paint/water off paper using a towel.

you will notice that quite a bit of paint will be left behind on your craft mat, little droplets of color! don’t let these go to waste! use your watercolor square to pick up the droplets. holding the corner, press the opposite corner straight down onto the mat and then straight up. try not to move/slide the paper on the mat or it will blur the “splatter” effect.

add a very small amount of turquoise powder to the center of paper and spray once, maybe twice to add more color. then, add a drop or two of metallic jade, water, and tilt.

allow the watercolors to dry completely before stamping images on top

for this ocean inspired batch, i chose a stamp set that included both seahorses and starfish. i also used a shell stamp that i seem to have had forever! and a new stencil set i just picked up from the store (self adhering, very fancy).

this seahorse stamp from stampendous has three layers. for the first layer (background of seahorse), i used cosmic copper ink from brilliance. for layer number two, i used pearlescent chocolate ink from brilliance. i decided to emboss the top layer using versamark and copper embossing powder.


for all stamping, i used the tonic studios tim holtz stamp platform. this is very helpful when stamping on top of the watercolor because it allows you to stamp multiple times in the same area to ensure that you get a stamped image. stamp background first, then details, then embossed details. for more information about embossing see Batch No. 3 for a full tutorial.

for the shells, i simply stamped using versa mark ink and then embossed using the copper embossing powder. the starfish background was stamped using cosmic copper and then pearlescent chocolate for the details, along with a little GLITTER for extra sparkle. the large starfish were applied using a stencil and cosmic copper ink.


when all were completed, i mounted them on craft colored paper (frame) and then on to the final cards. these sparkly, glittery cards really caught the eye of market goers, especially in nocatee 🙂

you can pick up this batch, as well as other small • batch • cards at the upcoming nocatee, murray hill, and riverside art markets. hope to see you there! 

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