batch no. 25

technique  monoprinting

produced in jacksonville, florida

creation date  november 2018

artist  jo lawson


greetings monoprinting friends! i am excited to share these holiday cards with you. this tutorial provides three easy and fun techniques that are sure to help you handcraft your holidays. these techniques would be great on cards, tags, stationery and even wrapping paper. one could really create the perfectly printed holiday gift!


for this project, i was inspired by the upcoming holiday season! these holiday cards are unique and special. this tutorial will provide instructions for three different style cards using the Gelli Arts® 5” x 7” plate, the Gelli Arts® 3” mini plate, Gelli Arts® premium acrylic paints, die cuts and stencils! i hope you enjoy these techniques and try a few. I cannot wait to see what everyone creates this year! for a list of all products used for this project,  please  see  the  materials  section  at  the  end  of  the  post.


step one

create a solid background

Step 1A

continue to create backgrounds in your favorite holiday colors!

Step 1BStep 1CStep 1Dstep two 

add depth and dimension using stencils

Step 2AStep 2BStep 2CStep 2D

mix it up with a few variations of the same technique…

Variation 2EVariation 2F

step three

develop a focal point

Step 3AStep 3B

try it again using the mini plate and get an easy + festive stationery set

Variation 3CVariation 3DVariation 3EVariation 3FVariation 3GVariation 3HVariation 3I

step four

find the perfectly printed image

Step 4FStep 4H

or use a die cut, like this one from Memory Box, Inc., and create ornaments to mount on your cards.

Step 4AStep 4BStep 4CStep 4DStep 4E

step five 



add snowflake die cuts, jewels/pearls, decorative sticker, and wire

Step 5AStep 5B

Ornaments Final


mount 4” x 4” squares on black card stock, then on greeting cards. hand write or stamp sentiments.

Polaroids Final


add handwritten or stamped sentiments

Stationery Final

keep them simple or go all out! these cards and techniques are versatile and always turn out elegant and unique. head on over to my instagram, youtube, and facebook pages – @smallbatchcards – to see more of my tutorials and art. order cards, prints, stationery, and other paper art gifts through my custom order form.

Final Image



Gelli Arts® premium acrylic paint set – (Cosmic Blue, Freshwater, Snowbound, Deep Jungle, Kiwi, Mixed Berry, Chili Pepper)

Gelli Arts® 4” roller

Gelli Arts® 3” mini plate (round)

5”x 7” Gelli Arts® printing plate

8 – A2 (4.25” x 5.5”) greeting cards

mandala or snowflake stencil

pine tree stencil

christmas words stencil

double sided tape

white + black card Sstock

ornament + snowflake die cut


acrylic block

decorative stickers


wire (lightweight)

4 thoughts on “batch no. 25”

    1. Hmmm… what sort of issue are you having? what don’t you like about the print?

      i have found that when i use too much paint, the results are not always what i intended. it has taken me a while to find the right balance in paint application. too little, and it dries quickly or won’t cover the plate. too much paint, and you get a blurry mess. keep at it and keep asking questions.

      i totally understand your frustrations, but sometimes art is not always about the end product. it is about the emotions you experience when participating in the process. i have so many more rejects than completed pieces. i like to think of them as “works in progress”. i put them in a drawer and pull them out every once in a while. cut them into strips or circles to use in a journal or card. reprint with a new technique. layer again and again.

      thank you for sharing, i look forward to seeing your creations and talking art with you!


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