spring goddess triptych

Gelli Arts® Artists Tutorial

in collaboration with Dare2BArtzy and Tracy Weinzapfel Studios



noun: a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together


this project was inspired by the three graces in “primavera” by botticelli. these are my spring goddesses in the style of an icon. many of my days as a child were spent staring at the religious icons and triptych images in church and at home (this is all part of a catholic upbringing). they were golden and beautiful and magical. these pictures told amazing stories of heroes and heroines – yea, don’t think i didn’t notice that even women were allowed to be saints…


when i was introduced to botticelli and other masters as an teenager, these images of gods and goddesses, saints and saviors all began to blend, they all seemed to be telling the same story. this is a story line and design i have wanted to pursue for some time in my art and the Dare2BArtzy stamp sets were the perfect opportunity. their whimsical nature was just right for the goddesses’ spring crowns.


for the best tutorial, please view the video tutorial above. below are a few extra tips.

  1. choose magazine images that are high in contrast (black and white work best).
  2. print magazine image on another magazine page (one with a neutral background – here i used trees in a forest, but you could also use a plain color or text). be sure to use high quality paint for best results and spread your paint evenly before printing.
  3. using your gel plate to spread the black paint, stamp flowers, leaves, etc. from the “be the change” and “dream” stamp sets on to the original magazine images or another gel print. do not press too hard on both the gel plate and the paper for best results.
  4. cut out all the good bits!
  5. using matte medium or modge podge, adhere the large printed images to cardboard, canvas, a box, or wherever your goddess is needed. let it dry.
  6. take a moment to decide on the layout of the crown, then gently move off cardboard.
  7. using gold ink, a makeup pad, and a sunburst stencil, blot on halos.
  8. use the “dotted swirls” stamp set and black ink to stamp and create more background interest for your crowns.
  9. using matte medium or modge podge, adhere crowns to the goddesses.
  10. paint a gold, copper, or silver metallic frame around your goddess icons.




  • Gelli Arts® 4” Roller
  • 8”x 10” Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate
  • magazine pages (high contrast and neutral background)
  • high quality paint (liquitex used here) – purple, red, yellow, black
  • metallic paint (dina wakely media used here)
  • 1″ paint brush
  • gold ink
  • sunburst stencil
  • Dare2BArtzy “DottedSwirls” (Totally Tracy) Stamp Set
  • Dare2BArtzy “Be the Change” (Totally Tracy) Stamp Set
  • Dare2BArtzy “Dream” (Totally Tracy) Stamp Set
  • Versafine black ink
  • spoon for burnishing
  • matte medium or modge podge
  • scissors

7 thoughts on “spring goddess triptych”

  1. I love your technique!! Thanks for teaching us!1 I feel so inspired when I can not only see someone’s work but also know what the source of inspiration was for them. Marvelous art!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great help to me. I have been wanting to do a Greek goddess journal but have
    had not idea how to get started. This is just the boost I needed. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are just lovely! Beautiful designs! Love your gorgeous color combos! Great collaboration project!


  4. These are fabulous! What fun!
    Question: How do you transfer the magazine image of the women onto the gelliplate and then onto the landscape magazine page? The video is so quick I’m not seeing that step.


    1. i printed it directly onto the landscape page. try slowing the video down and i will also try to create another video with just that step 🙂 so glad you enjoyed this project! it was so fun to create ❤


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