Batch No. 8

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida   Creation Date - April 2017 Artist - Johanna Lawson Technique - oxide inks, embossing two ways This month's batch was born out of the need to try and test a new product - Tim Holtz's Oxide Inks.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a member of a challenge art group at a nearby… Continue reading Batch No. 8

Batch No. 7

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida   Creation Date - March 2017 Artist - Johanna Lawson Technique - paper collage Commissioned Baby Shower Invitations Small Batch Cards is back! After a short hiatus, we are back at it, making cards - this month the batch is dedicated to commissioned baby shower invitations. One of my best friends, Kat, is throwing a baby shower for her… Continue reading Batch No. 7

Batch No. 6

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida   Creation Date - February 2017 Artist - Johanna Lawson Technique - monoprinting, sewing on paper Inspiration - Recycled Remnants Hopefully you have read about my inspiration for this month in my blog post Batch No. 5. If not, let me give you a little synopsis - On February 11th, my mother and sister threw my spouse and me a beautiful baby… Continue reading Batch No. 6

Batch No. 5

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida   Creation Date - February 2017 Artist - Johanna Lawson Technique - paper weaving, sewing on paper Inspiration - Recycled Remnants This month my beautiful sister and mother threw my spouse and me the most amazing baby shower! Yes, I am due in April. It was such an inspiring event. Stars, rainbows, and unicorns filled the house and we were… Continue reading Batch No. 5

Batch No. 4

Produced in Jacksonville, Florida   Creation Date - January 2017 Artist - Johanna Lawson Technique - Layered stenciling with ink and stamps with embossing powder Inspiration - Street Art My inspiration this month comes from street art. I am inspired because all throughout my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, street art is popping up in my neighborhood and downtown. It is… Continue reading Batch No. 4