Embrace the adventure!

Watercolor is one of my favorite ways to make cards. The whimsical and mischievous way of watercolor make it intriguing to use again and again. Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but more often than not, the results when using watercolor are thrilling and impressive. With an open mind, even mistakes can be turned into beautiful masterpieces.

Once I discovered Ken Oliver’s Color Burst Powder, I knew I was hooked. Color Burst from Ken Oliver is an amazing concentrated microfine watercolor powder that lets you create beautiful watercolor pieces. This versatile powder can be used with so many fun techniques! Spritz your project with water and sprinkle on Color Burst and create amazing designs.Not to mention how many different ways I can use this with my stamps.colorburst

Now, I love using my Color Burst powders, however I also enjoy using all types of watercolor. The unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of watercolor allow artists to go on an adventure each and every time we use this paint. (Hence the name of this page – “Embrace the Adventure”) Watercolor, whether used traditionally or in new ways, is always exciting and one of the most expressive mediums an artist can use in their work.

Please add a comment and share some of your favorite watercolor techniques!

A portfolio of my favorite watercolor pieces are below.

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