signature design no. 2

aka remnants

inspired by batch no. 6 • february 2017

sewn monoprints

recycled remnants seems to be a theme in quite a few of my batches. i guess i just love the idea of taking left overs, the remnants, that were tossed to the side, almost forgotten, and transforming those pieces into something interesting and unique.

this signature design always starts with a monoprint (or a few dozen monoprints…)


noun | mono • print

1:  an impression made on paper from glass or some equally smooth material (as celluloid or oilcloth) to which paint has been applied

2:  the art or process of making monoprints

(according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

for me, monoprinting means getting out my Gelli Arts® gelli plate and having some FUN! this company’s plate makes monoprinting easy and affordable. you don’t need a press! you can use any type of paint, ink, and various other products. but the thing i enjoy most is that every time i use my plate, i get a unique, one-of-a-kind print. print on top of print, layers and layers of beautiful art that can never be replicated. each lift of the paper off the plate is a new opportunity for art, creativity, and a new perspective.


there are various techniques for using the plate and i love them all. Gelli Arts® has some amazing videos demonstrating these techniques. find them here.

(this year i became an official Gelli Arts® artist. therefore i can get you a discount on monoprinting supplies. i know, your welcome! just use the code to the left at check out to receive 10% off your purchase)

as a paper artist, it is always exciting to use paper in new ways. the decorative stitches really give each piece depth and texture. my sewing machine hardly ever gets used for fabrics…

to learn more about the original batch no. 6 that inspired this signature series design, visit the batch no. 6 blog post from back in february 2017. although it is the batch that inspired this design, batch no 6 is not the only batch to use this technique. check out batch no. 14 and batch no. 22 to see more examples of sewn monoprints.

monoprint examples: