signature design no. 4

aka fredi

inspired by batch no. 12 • february 2018

embossed watercolor


so, batch no. 12 might be one of my favorite blog posts. it was really an opportunity for me to explain my inspiration and ideas for small • batch • cards. it also includes a dedication for my gran. this signature design is for her. these cards are created with her in mind. expect florals, love, and the beauty of garden. here is the inspiration section from the original february 2018 post:


Life can be tough, but when you are surrounded by the people you love and know that they love you – that is what life is all about. To celebrate this day of love, I want to take a moment to thank all of the people that love me and love my family. Your support and encouragement push me to be my best self. What better way to appreciate someone than to send them a card. One that was designed and crafted with love. This card is dedicated to all those people out there that have made a positive impact on my life. 

This company’s mission is to create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind cards meant to be shared with those we love and inspire people to celebrate life’s special moments.




I use this #hashtag often when I post a new batch on Instagram and Facebook. These two words represent the mission of this company. Life is about making connections, and sharing special memories. When you send a card, not only are you sending someone a love note from yourself, you are sending them a love note from me. My art cards are meant to inspire creativity and capture life’s special moments. 

Since the moment my daughter was born, my Gran, Juno’s great Gran (g.g.), has been sending her love notes following each visit. Juno has a collection of memories and moments captured in her great-Gran’s handwriting that she can read and relive again and again. These cards are a special gift that our family will always cherish. 

This Valentine’s Day, send some love to someone you love. Capture a memory. 



to learn more about the embossed watercolor technique that will be used for this signature design, visit the batch no. 12 blog post.