signature series

along with the release of monthly batches, the small • batch • cards’ signature series  will be available at local small businesses, as well as art markets. small • batch • cards’ signature series are cards that were previously released as a small batch, and have proved to be fan favorites, so i have decided to bring these cards back. all signature series cards will continue to be one-of-a-kind, unique pieces of art that will all be handcrafted and created.

click on the images or titles below to learn more about each signature series design

signature series design no. 1 

inspired by batch no. 17 • april 2017



signature series design no. 2 

inspired by batch no. 6 • february 2017

sewn monoprints


signature series design no. 3

inspired by batch no. 2 •  november 2016

watercolor + acrylic paint + stamp


signature series design no. 4

inspired by batch no 12 • december 2017

embossed watercolor


signature series design no. 5

inspired by my beautiful and vibrant hometown • jacksonville, florida

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