What is monoprinting?


noun | mono • print

1:  an impression made on paper from glass or some equally smooth material (as celluloid or oilcloth) to which paint has been applied

2:  the art or process of making monoprints

(according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

For me, monoprinting means getting out my Gelli Arts® gelli plate and having some FUN! This company’s gelli plate makes monoprinting easy and affordable. You don’t need a press! You can use any type of paint, ink, and various other products. But the thing I enjoy most is that every time I use my gelli plate, I get a unique, one-of-a-kind print. Print on top of print, layers and layers of beautiful art that can never be replicated. Each lift of the paper off the plate is a new opportunity for art, creativity, and a new perspective.


There are various techniques for using the plate and I love them all. Gelli Arts® has some amazing videos demonstrating these techniques. Find them here.

(If I could make better tutorials, I would. But seriously, these videos are great!)





A portfolio of my favorite prints are below.

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